Abao and Bulareyaung cover Vogue Taiwan September 2021 by Zhong Lin

Abao and Bulareyaung cover Vogue Taiwan September 2021 by Zhong Lin

Vogue Taiwan September 2021 ‘’New Beginnings’’ cover photographed by Zhong Lin takes place at sunrise in Taitung Taimali (Taiwan) features singer Abao and choreographer Bulareyaung wearing Gucci with the Bulareyaung Dance Company in the background. It pays tribute to indigenous culture and spirits of freedom.

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For the cover story, stylist Joey Lin highlights labels like Salvatore Ferragamo, Longchamp, Robert Wun and Hermès.

Abao and Bulareyaung are talented cousins, acclaimed for their stunning vocal and dance performances. Both are from the indigenous Paiwan tribe and call Taitung their home, writes Vogue Taiwan. Abao sings in her mother tongue, and supports young indigenous musicians; Bulareyaung left New York to return to his hometown in Taitung, where he continues to live life as Art.

I became a dancer first, then a choreographer. Then I wanted to become Bulareyaung. Over the years I have been reminding myself to reflect on what it is to be ‘me’. After returning to my hometown Taitung, I started to understand that this is actually a task of a lifetime.” – Bulareyaung.

Hair: Weic Lin
Make-up: Shin Tsai
Production: Nelly Yang


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