Altuzarra - Fall Winter 2020 - Paris Fashion Week

Altuzarra – Fall/Winter 2020 – Paris Fashion Week


For Fall/Winter 2020, Joseph Altuzarra, as the reigning American master of French sensuality, was inspired by a box of clothing he excavated from his Chinese grandmother, Jenette Wei, now 89 who was immigrated to San Francisco in the Forties, and by the Fifties had been named Miss Chinatown.

This collection is, I don’t like to say ladylike, but has a streak of traditional femininity that’s being distorted through fabrication, wrinkling and creasing, mixing masculine elements and really paring things down

Joseph Altuzarra

His collection delivered the kind of smart suiting and slinky sweater sets the designer has made his signature. Adding a touch of quirk, though, were feathered belts and furry shoes, lending a hint of personality to Altuzarra’s otherwise mysterious women.


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