AMIRI Men’s Spring-Summer 2021

AMIRI Men’s Spring/Summer 2021

October 21, 2020

Mike Amiri was unable, due to the pandemic, to bring his menswear to Paris back in July where he has shown his line for the past three years.

The designer was this season giving us an escape to L.A., where his growing brand is based, for his Spring/Summer 2021 men’s collection.

Shot on a sunny day outside the Sheats-Goldstein residence, a spectacular property built in the early Sixties by architect John Lautner with stunning views of the town, his virtual show transmitted the brand’s laid-back, aspirational vibe, not only through the clothes, casting but also the music created and performed by L.A. producer The Alchemist.

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At the heart of the collection, AMIRI’s signature relaxed tailoring was coupled with 70s-inspired sportswear as athletic constructions became the equivalent of a tailored suit. Structured blazers contrasted with denim and authentic athletic detailing, while collegiate varsity jackets layered over jumpsuits cut at the knees and rendered in rich, soft leather.


Drawing codes out of their comfort zones, workwear was treated like tailoring: jumpsuits emerged in deep indigo and white tobacco leather as a nod to LA’s thriving DIY art scene, while dungaree styles accented a relaxed demeanor, crafted in AMIRI’s hallmark denim.

Throughout, an emphasis on ease of wearing mirrors California’s laidback lifestyle: parkas were introduced as casual outerwear in tan leather and a hooded nylon iteration with functional, elasticated detailing, while the versatility of moving from daytime excursions to evening was emphasised with the simple addition of a dusk brown leather perfecto. Drawn as this season’s bomber motif, wanderlust island imagery served as coastal escapism, and cannabis prints interpreted California’s wellness lifestyle and retreats.