AMIRI Men’s Spring Summer 2022

AMIRI Men’s Spring/Summer 2022


The Los Angeles-based designer Mike Amiri made the short trek to the Wynn Las Vegas – he’ll be opening one of his three planned stores in the resort’s retail wing later this year – to create a captivating film to showcase his AMIRI men’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

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With a waterfall and tropical flora as the backdrop and a soundtrack by South African DJ Black Coffee to “Wish You Were Here”, the thirty looks of his collection have softer and more sophisticated lines, slipping towards a modern formality. Classic suiting codes are reworked and refined within AMIRI’s contemporary visual language, emphasizing a rich interplay of lightness and ease for today and tomorrow. For instance, jackets are deconstructed, and shoulder pads removed, casting a lighter, unstructured silhouette formed in harmony with the body. Imbued with the ease of summer, lightweight trousers with adjustable kick flare expand this freedom, alongside double-breasted jackets recut in relaxed, 3/4 length shapes and rendered in textured satin. Patterns included palm trees, exotic foreign currency, rum bottles, hibiscus plants and romantic sunsets while the rich palette embraced natural tones, including deep brown, brandy, burnt sienna and forest green.



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