Angelina Jolie joins forces with Chloé for an exclusive collaboration collection
©Photo: Chloé

Angelina Jolie joins forces with Chloé for an exclusive collaboration collection

June 6, 2023

According to recent reports, Gabriela Hearst is set to depart from the prestigious French fashion brand after a tenure of three years. As a final act of collaboration with the brand, Hearst has orchestrated a partnership between Chloé and renowned actress Angelina Jolie, who has lately disclosed her plans to establish a novel fashion entity, described as a “creative collective“.

On Monday, Chloé unveiled that Hearst has co-designed a women’s ready-to-wear capsule collection with Jolie. This comes hot on the heels of Jolie’s brand launch, less than a month ago, and her subsequent call for tailors to be part of her New York atelier.

Chloé characterizes the collection as “an embodiment of contemporary femininity, celebrating genuine woman-to-woman connections“.

Angelina Jolie, a renowned filmmaker, humanitarian, and activist, initially framed her fashion enterprise as a new breed of label, where customers take on the role of the designer. This approach encourages them to engage directly with tailors, pattern makers, and craftsmen to conceive distinctive fashion statements.

Jolie’s inaugural line, however, will echo her personal style. The capsule collection emphasizes eveningwear and timeless aesthetics, taking inspiration from evergreen items in Jolie’s wardrobe. It will spotlight fluid shapes and sensory details, Chloé noted.

Atelier Jolie promises to offer designs that are sustainable, respectful of creative communities, and centered around the concept of self-discovery. The collaborative capsule collection with Chloé will employ a larger proportion of lower-impact materials than any preceding collection from the brand. Segments of the collection will highlight the craftsmanship of Fair Trade artisans and promote female-led social initiatives.

The moment I learned about Angelina’s vision for Atelier Jolie, I had faith in it. It presents an opportunity to uplift others through the elegance of garment-making and her profound regard for the environment“, Hearst shared.

Angelina Jolie joins forces with Chloé for an exclusive collaboration collection
©Photo: Gabriela Hearst

Hearst further expressed her deep affection for both Jolie and Chloé, expressing her honor to have Chloé as the first collaborator with Atelier Jolie, both entities sharing high ideals for bettering humanity.

Jolie acknowledged the rarity of luxury brands being certified B Corp – a distinction Chloé achieved in October 2021, two months after unveiling its inaugural environmental impact report.

Designing with Gabriela Hearst has been a privilege. I hope all women find comfort and beauty in this capsule collection. I will be reinvesting my earnings from this partnership in creating apprenticeships for tailors and artisans at Atelier Jolie“, she disclosed.

Details such as the pricing and launch date of the collection are yet to be provided by Chloé.

Jolie’s choice to collaborate with Hearst, a designer celebrated for understated luxury staples, might seem unexpected given her declared intent to build a brand with a humanistic and inclusive orientation.

We aim to foster a community of creativity and inspiration, irrespective of one’s socio-economic status“, Jolie declared in a mission statement published on on May 17th.

We intend to spotlight those who contribute to each creation. Our diverse team will include apprenticeships for refugees and other skilled yet undervalued groups, offering dignified positions based on ability. As we collaborate with global artisans and creators, our goal is to honor the wealth of their cultural heritage and support the growth of their businesses“, she further emphasized.

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