Ann Demeulemeester - Fall Winter 2020 - Paris Fashion Week

Ann Demeulemeester – Fall/Winter 2020 – Paris Fashion Week


‘’I was inspired by Bob Wilson, the ‘Mary Said What She Said’ performance, so it’s about Mary Stuart and I played with the proportions to give the shadow of Mary Stuart for today’’. The shadow that Sébastien Meunier is referring to is a line from a sonnet the Queen wrote shortly before her death: ‘’I am but a vain shadow’’.

As his show for Ann Demeulemeester was titled ‘’The Unicorn’’ – the unicorn here ‘’is the symbol of Mary Stuart, the symbol of Scotland. So all was linked, but of course the woman of the tapestries is a reference in the collection’’ – It was a sumptuous show, with rich coloration and luxurious fabrics such as velvet, brocade, silk and leather. The color choices and the velvet gowns seemed to reference The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries while redingotes in beautiful gold brocade and short vests worn over long blouses, hinting at Renaissance corsets.

©Ann Demeulemeester