Ashi Studio Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2024

Ashi Studio Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2024

Ashi Studio's Fall/Winter 2024 Haute Couture collection offered a luxurious escape through dreamlike silhouettes and textures inspired by the quiet moments of introspection.
June 28, 2024

Fashion week in Paris is always a whirlwind of creativity, but Ashi Studio’s Fall/Winter 2024 Haute Couture collection offered a welcome respite. Instead of frenetic energy, designer Ashi presented a collection inspired by the quiet moments of escape found within the confines of one’s imagination.

This wasn’t a literal interpretation of travel, though Ashi did unveil a separate, stunning wardrobe for the cabin crew of the new Riyadh Air earlier that day. Here, the focus was on the mind’s journeys, the daydreams and woolgathering that provide a mental escape. Silhouettes leaned towards the ethereal and cocooning, reflecting the introspective nature of the inspiration.

Ashi, who believes couture should have meaning beyond aesthetics, imbued each garment with a metaphorical message. A flurry of horsehair fluttered around a model, evoking the dream of a galloping steed. A wide-shawl collared coat, meticulously embroidered with 15,000 sequins to resemble an Italian palazzo’s floral mosaic, embodied the comfort and intimacy of a boudoir moment.

Textures played a vital role in capturing the essence of time spent within one’s own bubble, where the passage of time feels different. The softest cashmere was transformed into feathery lightness through hand-tooling and trailing golden threads. A luxurious black velvet coat, reminiscent of a well-loved robe, had a surface polished to a shine through imagined years of use.

Towards the end, silhouettes took on a lighter air with sheer blouses and richly textured skirts in delicate blush tones. The finale dress, a cascade of black chiffon looping back towards the shoulders, offered a final touch of ethereal beauty. Lofty as the inspiration may be, the collection showcased Ashi’s mastery of impeccable tailoring and luxurious fabrics, ensuring these dreamlike creations were undeniably wearable works of art.

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©Photo: Ashi Studio