AZ Factory Spring Summer 2023 - Paris Fashion Week

AZ Factory Spring/Summer 2023 – Paris Fashion Week


Lutz Huelle was the latest guest of the AZ Factory‘s “Amigo” concept – the label was created by its late founder Alber Elbaz, a few months before his death in April 2021, in collaboration with the Richemont Group, with the aim of rewriting the fashion rules, making designer clothes not just more affordable but more accessible to women in a range of different sizes, paying attention to environmental responsibility in the process.

At the Fondation Cartier, the contemporary art museum owned by Richemont, the German-born, Paris-based, Martin Margiela-trained designer Lutz Huelle, succeeding Thebe Magugu and Ester Manas as part of “Amigo“, presented a collection that was a true tribute to the joyful spirit of its founder.

Puffed taffeta volumes on the sleeves of jersey tees, worn casually like mittens; ultra-cool, dressy-looking jeans; body-con dresses with ruffled rings on the torso; and t-shirts and jeans adorned with large crystals and the shirts cut wide in the back, like parachutes. There were also shirts that became foot-length dresses, and floral camouflages that were the lineup’s hero print.

It was an ultra desirable and sexy collection, in the image made of the fashion of its founder Alber Elbaz.

©AZ Factory

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