Berluti Spring-Summer 2021 Lookbook

Berluti Spring/Summer 2021

October 30, 2020

American sculptor based in Los Angeles Brian Rochefort’s works inspired Kris Van Assche for his Berluti Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

‘’I admire Brian’s work a lot. I have collected ceramics for years, starting out with traditional French ceramics – pure and perfect and smooth and traditional – but little by little I learned about more contemporary forms and artists doing freer stuff. And Brian is really the most unconventional ceramic I’ve encountered… He is the bad boy of ceramics!’’, said the Belgian designer.

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The focal point of the collection was the silk shirting printed, whose inspiration comes from Rochefort’s ceramics, to exactly replicate the colorfully robust undulations of Rochefort’s unctuous ice-creamy eruptions. So too in a beautiful sweater in a patchwork riot of different color and yarn, and a shoe more restrainedly applied with a patina patterned to replicate a Rochefort bubbling.