BOSS celebrates Pride Month 2021 with a capsule collection

BOSS celebrates Pride Month 2021 with a capsule collection


This Pride Month, BOSS is celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community, underlining the message that love is for all and that everyone should have the freedom to be themselves.

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To mark this, BOSS has created a capsule collection, created in support of ILGA World – a worldwide federation of more than 1,700 organizations from over 160 countries and territories campaigning for equal rights for LGBTQIA+ people. The new capsule features Pride flag colors and slogans, such as “Love for all” on unisex style essentials, from classic t-shirts to hoodies to bodywear.

Chief Brand Officer of HUGO BOSS AG, Ingo Wilts, said: “We are proud to partner with ILGA World, an organization that has been fighting for equal rights for more than 40 years. As a company, we want to support causes that contribute to an inclusive society, and that’s what stands behind the message ‘Love for all.’ All of us can make a difference”.

André du Plessis, Executive Director of ILGA World, said: “The joy of being free to simply be ourselves: that is what many LGBTQIA+ persons around the world hope for. It’s important that BOSS is shining a light on this. Thanks to their support, ILGA World will be able to continue to help LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide working for a better future, by providing advocacy, research, and training to activists around the world. We know that change is unstoppable when we’re united!”.


This collection is available online and in stores.

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