Brioni Spring-Summer 2025 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Brioni Spring/Summer 2025 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Brioni's Spring/Summer 2025 collection, presented at Milan Fashion Week, showcases the brand's mastery of Italian tailoring with exclusive fabrics, relaxed silhouettes, and luxurious details, as Creative director Norbert Stumpfl elevates Brioni's sartorial codes to new heights in celebration of its upcoming 80th anniversary.
June 17, 2024

In the serene garden of Milan’s Palazzo Borromeo D’Adda, Brioni unveiled its Spring/Summer 2025 collection, a testament to the unparalleled skill of its Penne-based Italian tailors. Creative director Norbert Stumpfl has outdone himself, elevating Brioni’s sartorial codes to new heights of refinement and sophistication.

Brioni’s dedication to sourcing the world’s finest materials is evident in every piece. An impressive 70% of the fabrics used are exclusive to the brand, hailing from the most prestigious mills in Italy, England, and Japan. From the almost weightless extra-fine wool of Stumpfl’s own double-breasted suit to the splittable silk shantung in a striking azure hue, the textures are truly remarkable.

This season, Stumpfl has introduced a more relaxed silhouette, with higher-waisted pants and larger lapels adding volume to the breezy looks. Elasticized waists on pants paired with shirts in the same material convey an effortless elegance that prioritizes comfort. A standout piece is the seersucker suit with a herringbone texture and mother-of-pearl buttons, embodying the collection’s laid-back sophistication.

Brioni’s commitment to luxury extends beyond its suits, with a technical silk windbreaker featuring leather details and a sumptuous crocodile jacket showcasing the brand’s expertise. The eveningwear segment is particularly stunning, as a shantung jacket adorned with 10,000 hand-embroidered knots made from glass beads and yarn threads demonstrates the unrivaled skill of Brioni’s tailors.

Stumpfl invites clients to forget about their clothes, as Brioni’s garments are designed to be supremely luxurious yet unassuming. The lightness of the fabrics is preternatural, with cashmere-silk blends and vicuña feeling almost like touching a cloud. The focus is on the individual wearing the clothes, with the garments serving as a subtle, elegant frame for the face.

As Brioni prepares to mark its 80th anniversary, the Spring/Summer 2025 presentation paid homage to the brand’s first menswear fashion show at Florence’s Sala Bianca. Male and female mannequins dressed in pristine white suits lounged on the grass, embodying the ultimate luxury of carefree elegance. With this collection, Brioni reaffirms its position at the pinnacle of high-end menswear, where uncompromising craftsmanship and timeless style reign supreme.

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