Brunello Cucinelli Spring-Summer 2025 - Pitti Uomo 106

Brunello Cucinelli Spring/Summer 2025 – Pitti Uomo 106

Brunello Cucinelli's Spring/Summer 2025 collection, titled "Act of Instinct," is a nostalgic yet modern take on the brand's signature style, featuring classic tailoring, luxurious materials, and a vibrant color palette.
June 15, 2024

Brunello Cucinelli, the Italian luxury brand synonymous with timeless elegance, has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2025 collection, a captivating ode to the brand’s origins. This collection, aptly titled “Act of Instinct,” channels the spirit of the brand’s early years, offering a wardrobe that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

The collection evokes a sense of retro-inspired sophistication, drawing inspiration from the 1980s while remaining true to the brand’s signature aesthetic. The result is a collection that seamlessly blends classic tailoring with a modern sensibility. The pieces are designed to be both comfortable and chic, reflecting the brand’s commitment to artisanal craftsmanship and quality materials.

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Cucinelli’s signature silhouettes are present throughout the collection, but with a modern twist. Expect to see impeccably tailored double-breasted suits, relaxed leather jackets with defined shoulders, and luxuriously soft outerwear. The brand’s signature trench coat, crafted from supple nappa leather, makes a strong appearance, showcasing the brand’s commitment to premium materials.

The color palette for Spring/Summer 2025 is both bold and refined. Pops of vibrant hues like pink grapefruit, ginger, and papaya inject a playful energy into the collection, while classic neutrals like ice grey, navy, dark brown, and white provide a grounding element. This interplay of colors creates a visually compelling and dynamic collection that is both sophisticated and effortlessly cool.

The collection showcases Cucinelli’s dedication to natural fibers, with garments crafted from silk, wool, and cotton. The brand’s signature knitwear is also present, featuring ultra-light t-shirts, casual polo shirts, and cardigans in soft malfilè cotton. The knitwear embodies the brand’s commitment to comfort and quality, offering pieces that are as stylish as they are wearable.

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©Photo: Brunello Cucinelli