Celine - Spring-Summer 2021

Celine Men’s Spring/Summer 2021


Hedi Slimane, after flirting briefly with bourgeois Paris in the Seventies for Celine, went back to elevated California thrift-shop chic.

As a designer with a lifelong obsession with layering youth references of the past into his work, Slimane saluted to how teens in bedrooms all over the world have been posting solitary TikTok performances during the pandemic.

In the press notes, Slimane said he wanted to celebrate e-boys plus current skate culture and he described the show (the collection) as ‘’a candid portrait of a generation that took advantage of the confinement to assert itself and emancipate itself creatively’’.

Oversized cardigans, printed jersey skater shorts, beanies, tiger-print sequined trackies, varsity jackets, sleazy ‘80s patchwork blousons, giant knitted ponchos and also suit with pleated high-waist trousers, a gold tiger-patterned sequined rock star jacket – Slimane’s signature tailoring – a lively collection to appeal to the Millennials and the Gen Zs.