Charles de Vilmorin Haute Couture Spring Summer 2022

Charles de Vilmorin Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022


Fashion’s new favorite prodigy Charles de Vilmorin presented his third collection on the Chambre Syndicale’s Haute Couture schedule.

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Dubbed ‘’La danse Macabre’’ (The dance of death), de Vilmorin’s Spring/Summer 2022 Haute Couture collection takes cues from the art of the titular genre, mad scientists, and the films of Tim Burton.

It starts with youthful Charles in his bedroom science lab fiddling with test tubes. After his parents – fabulously accoutred in sequins and feathers – bid him goodnight, he pulls out a sewing machine and begins stitching clothes. A ruffled white dress as square as a canvas featuring one of de Vilmorin’s colorful, swirling paintings prompts him to pull a skeleton model from a corner, and the young couturier is born.

Together, the boy and the skeleton dance around the room, and eventually find themselves in front of a roiling cauldron joined by other dancers wearing Charles de Vilmorin’s creations. Several of the dresses are embellished with fabric sculptures of miniature skeletons that dance along with the real humans that inhabit them. Another dress is covered with more of de Vilmorin’s naive drawings, only in black-and-white instead of primary colors. One or two of the frocks go up in flames. At the end, the adult de Vilmorin enters the picture. He’s Death himself, and he asks his youthful doppelgänger, “Did you enjoy the show?”.

It’s somewhere between a dream and a nightmare. I wanted to neutralize this fear of death, in a way, by showing how the little boy comes alive through his passion and creativity”, the designer explained to WWD. “It’s about the importance of expressing yourself, even if not everyone gets what you’re doing. It’s a message of hope”.


©Charles de Vilmorin

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