Coach Spring Summer 2021 Campaign

Coach Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign

Coach delivers a message of positivity with its Spring/Summer 2021 campaign. The campaign, shot by photographer Renell Medrano and styled by Olivier Rizzo, is called ‘’Coach It Forward’’ and stars Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, basketball player Jeremy Lin, Chinese actress Yang Zi, and Japanese model Kōki.

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The first part is a series of more traditional ad images, where the cast dons key looks from the Coach Spring/Summer 2021 collection; the second is a short film in which they each step into a phone booth to call the people who support, inspire and make them who they are to thank them.

In a statement, creative director Stuart Vevers explained that, with this campaign, he aimed ‘’to evolve our Coach family story and speak to the way in which collective action and optimism can change things for the better. At the start of a new year and new chapter for so many, it’s important to put ourselves out there and support and recognize one another’’.

‘’So often we are going through the day-to-day motion of life without properly taking a moment to acknowledge the people who drive change in optimism in our lives, community and the world’’, Lopez added. ‘’’Coach It Forwardto me means to pay it forward and to be grateful. I’m thrilled that I had this opportunity to recognize my family and my chosen family of creatives, collaborators, thinkers, doers and friends who have had such a positive impact on my life’’.

Jordan said: ‘’When you step back, you see that we’re all the sum of the people who have helped us along. I think of my mom and dad, my family, friends, the people I work with, and how they have all supported me and inspired me. I loved having this opportunity to lift up people who are important to me and recognize how their passion and positivity has moved my world forward’’.

As part of this campaign, Coach and the cast encourage viewers to share messages of gratitude with those in their lives. Fans can call or text 1-779-COACHNY to say the same to their loved ones with ‘’Coach It Forward’’.

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