Comme des Garçons - Spring-Summer 2021 - Tokyo Fashion Week

Comme des Garçons – Spring/Summer 2021 – Tokyo Fashion Week

October 26, 2020

Forgoing Paris Fashion Week this season, Rei Kawakubo had done something similar for her men’s collections last month, choosing to stage a small-scale show for her label Comme des Garçons at her company’s offices in Tokyo. It was the first time in her home city in roughly four decades.

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And as usual, the label hasn’t revealed much about the collection, simply offering a few words on the theme for the season: dissonance. ‘’The human brain always looks for harmony and logic’’, it said in a statement. ‘’When harmony is denied, where there is no logic, when there is dissonance … a powerful moment is created which leads you to feel an inner turmoil and a tension … that can lead to find positive change and progress’’.

So, Kawakubo played with contrasts and juxtapositions for spring, creating dissonance, not only prints, but textures as well, rather than harmony and logic.

For example, voluminous shapes, crinolines and bubbles came covered in plastic film; Disney and Bearbrick prints were associated with graffiti motifs and unexpected fabrics or wide hoop skirts and sculptural A-line dresses were crafted from folds and gathers of the plastic-like material.

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