Coperni Fall Winter 2022 - Paris Fashion Week

Coperni Fall/Winter 2022 – Paris Fashion Week


Paying homage to the youth of today, the Coperni Fall/Winter 2022 collection, held in a film studio on the outskirts of Paris, explored purity, playfulness and darkness that comes with being young.

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The coed collection, titled “Coming of Age”, was also dedicated to the Cap Est workshop in Ukraine, which produces most of the brand’s tailoring.

They are so cute, always trying the pieces before sending them – I love them”, said Sébastien Meyer, cofounder of the brand. ”They are in Ukraine, in Kyiv: we hadn’t heard from them for a few days. They are safe for now. And we dedicate this collection to them”, his husband Arnaud Vaillant added.

The brand explored school uniform codes, inspired by classic teen movies like “The Virgin Suicides” and “Cruel Intentions”.

First come the school matrons in tailored blazers with a cape that transforms into a head cover complemented by knit bodysuits, then comes disobedience: the students have altered their uniforms to express their own creativity by cropping tops and wearing little dresses made with upcycled ties, suggesting how to use one of the most dreaded pieces of the school uniform. The low jeans ‘urban’ uniform also gets a fun facelift with trousers whose waist is so low that it is actually attached to the jersey at the knee, signaling a literal fall from glory. Teen feelings are often expressed in literal graphic ways; the moments of joy, fear, or frustration, printed on spandex, on tops, dresses, bags and shoes, transform these pieces into wearable manifestos, walking journals of sorts.
Who could forget those walks up and down the school hallways, where, in our teen years, we were either hiding our shames with our heads in our locker, or peacocking our vanities in fluorescent yellow up-cycled Adidas Gazelle, flocked with a velvety finish, and in stilettos or loafers, whose shape was inspired by vector graphics, complete with the Coperni logo on its front, a reference to the car design that inspired the shoes.Up and down the lockers lined halls walk the models, like hip students holding Swipe bags made with blown glass, a collaboration with Heven, the luxe hand-blown glass brand for an unapologetic take on design.The classic prom dresses of yore also make an appearance in flower motifs embellishing gowns, sweet in shape and color, yet fierce in fabric: latex
”, wrote Coperni in its show notes.



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