Dunhill Spring-Summer 2025 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Dunhill Spring/Summer 2025 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Dunhill's Spring/Summer 2025 collection, under the creative direction of Simon Holloway, is a celebration of quintessential English style.
June 18, 2024

Dunhill’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection showcases a quintessentially English wardrobe that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Creative director Simon Holloway’s vision for the brand is a pursuit of what he calls “radical classicism,” and this season’s offerings are a testament to that philosophy.

Drawing inspiration from Dunhill‘s rich archive, Holloway delved into the brand’s roots in creating sports tailoring for the early days of motoring. The collection opened with a stunning array of butterscotch suede car coats and chocolate brown leather jackets, exuding an air of luxury and refinement. The attention to detail and craftsmanship was evident in every piece, from the supple leather to the impeccable stitching.

As the show progressed, the focus shifted to tropical wool tailoring in shades of cloud gray. The suits were sharply cut, yet they moved with a breezy elegance that spoke to the collection’s versatility. Whether worn in the boardroom or at a summer soirée, these pieces effortlessly bridged the gap between formal and casual attire.

For the sportier set, Holloway presented a charming selection of tennis garb, complete with leather racket cases that added a touch of whimsy to the proceedings. The crisp whites and classic silhouettes evoked images of genteel afternoons spent on the court, sipping Pimm’s and engaging in witty banter.

The finale of the show was a stunning display of tuxedos that were so immaculate, they could have easily graced the top of a wedding cake. The attention to detail was breathtaking, from the satin lapels to the perfectly pressed trousers. These were not mere garments, but works of art that celebrated the timeless elegance of formalwear.

Throughout the collection, Holloway’s love for British style shone through. As a Brit who has worked for some of the most prestigious fashion houses around the world, he brings a unique perspective to Dunhill. His ability to own and celebrate the brand’s Englishness is a testament to his deep understanding of the house’s DNA.

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©Photo: Dunhill