EGONlab Fall Winter 2022 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

EGONlab Fall/Winter 2022 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s


Launched two years ago on the eve of the COVID pandemic, French genderless label EGONlab is parading this season for the first time in the official Paris Fashion Week calendar.

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For their highly anticipated first show, the designer duo Kévin Nompeix and Florentin Glémarec chose the protestant Oratoire du Louvre chapel, turning on this occasion into a temple for the Egonimati, a fictional secret society of their own secretly plotting global happiness.

The wardrobe of the members of this secret society was dark where black largely dominated, emphasizing strict tailored looks cut closer to the body and mixed with streetwear pieces. This base was embellished with more exuberant and daring touches, such as geometric piping, fringes or fur chokers.

Tarot-style prints and motifs of all-seeing eyes added a mystical touch to the collection, while Crocs set with Swarovski crystals played with bling and lightness.



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