Etro names Yang Mi as its new global ambassador

Etro names Yang Mi as its new global ambassador

Italian luxury house Etro names Chinese actress Yang Mi as its new global ambassador.

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With passion for history, culture and nature, Etro conveys its timeless values and love for beauty through color, iconic Jacquards, Paisley prints and luxurious textiles. Yang Mi embodies perfectly the Etro woman’s personality, with her distinctive and modern spirit.

Yang Mi is an internationally recognized talented actress with a beautiful soul and with a strong and unique character. I truly love her independence, perseverance and positivity, making her an extraordinary woman and a perfect ambassador for Etro

Veronica Etro, creative director of Etro Womenswear

Taking up the new role, Yang Mi stars in a special Fall/Winter 2021 campaign, showcasing the free-spirited, assertive and empowered spirit in the design of Veronica Etro.


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