Etro - Spring Summer 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

Etro – Spring/Summer 2021 – Milan Fashion Week


Veronica Etro chose this season to celebrate Italy, for something that was right at her doorstep. Highly unusual for the most nomadic of fashion labels and for a designer who uses to travel around the globe to source inspiration for her collections.

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It started during lockdown. Like everyone else I was at home, cleaning. And my mom and I restored an old record player and started listening to these old Neapolitan songs, and we were bewitched by the serenity, the timelessness, and the elegance. Then I started thinking about a trip I took in 2019 to Ischia, Capri, Naples, and Positano, and – maybe because we were so patriotic during that period – I thought, okay, let’s make the collection all about Italy

said Veronica Etro

An Italian summer was the theme of the lineup, which offered a lively, chic interpretation of the classic Riviera style. There were rope motifs, marine chains, anchors, seashells, summer stripes, sailboats but also super cropped and front-button skirts, paired with bikinis, ultra voluminous. A new hybrid character, the Pegasus-Triton, popped as the logo of T-shirts and cropped knits. There were also several nods across the border to Brigitte Bardot via marinière knits and the opening halter bra top and miniskirt.

With the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Etro took a break from her past bohemian aesthetic and brought back a different, but authentic, face of the brand, its more bourgeois one.