Fendi and Versace have officially released ‘’Fendace’’ collection

Fendi and Versace have officially released ‘’Fendace’’ collection

Revealed in the fourth quarter of last year, the highly anticipated Fendi x Versace collaborative collection, informally known as ‘’Fendace’’, is finally available for purchase.

What is Fendace?

The long-awaited luxury “swap” has finally arrived! Last September, Donatella Versace and Kim Jones joined their respective labels Versace and Fendi to create the ‘’Fendace’’ collections, where each of the two houses offered its own interpretation of the other’s universe. Thus, Versace designed a collection for Fendi, it’s “Fendi by Versace”, and conversely, Jones created a collection for Versace, “Versace by Fendi”. Both collections were launched during a Pre-Fall 2022 joint fashion show at Milan Fashion Week.

It’s a swap rather than a collaboration and, most of all, it is done out of friendship”, Kim Jones said in a statement. “It is the beauty of togetherness after time apart and a celebration of women who have inspired me so much”.

The campaign captures the same sense of friendship and energy we had when we were designing the collection”, Versace said in a statement. “Kim is a visionary designer and innovator. To me, Fendace will always mean love”.

What can we find in the ‘’Fendace’’ collections?

The designs truly presented “an exchange of roles and brand codes” – “a creative dialogue”, in short. Each collection included approximately 25 silhouettes featuring Fendi’s iconic double F logo paired with Versace’s baroque print, while the Versace Medusa emblem was emblazoned on the Fendi Baguette. A selection of ultra-chic, ultra-bling and ultra-glam hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers, belts, sunglasses, and more, were also on display.

Where to buy ‘’Fendace’’ collections?

The complete “Versace by Fendi” and “Fendi by Versace” collections are already available in a series of global pop-ups in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Shenyang, Kuwait and Dubai.

The collections are also partially available on the two brands’ websites and in Fendi and Versace stores.

The Fendi stores offer models from the “Versace by Fendi” collection, while the Versace stores offer pieces from the “Fendi by Versace” collection.

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