Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2025 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2025 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Giorgio Armani's Spring/Summer 2025 menswear collection showcased the designer's signature tailoring and timeless elegance in a serene palette, blending 1970s aesthetics with modern sensibilities, and featuring palm tree prints and sophisticated evening wear.
June 19, 2024

Giorgio Armani‘s Spring/Summer 2025 menswear collection transported the audience to a tranquil oasis within his iconic fashion cathedral. The runway, framed by the gentle silhouettes of bamboo palms, set the stage for a 92-look journey through the designer’s signature silhouettes in a mesmerizing palette of gray, beige, taupe, cream, carbon, bronze, and navy.

Armani’s mastery of tailoring was evident in the tie-accessorized cotton double-breasted suits in silvery gray, striking a perfect balance between sophistication and ease. The collection seamlessly blended the designer’s early 1970s aesthetic with modern sensibilities, as seen in the suede blouson with floating button closures, paired with suspender-suspended pleated pants.

The collection also featured a series of monochrome negative prints of palm trees and leaves on loose t-shirts, shirts, and pants, evoking a sense of leisure and relaxation. Technical silk looks in matte metallic tones, with full pants tucked into squeaky-soled boots, showcased Armani‘s ability to combine style and functionality.

As the show progressed, the sun metaphorically set on the designer’s ninth decade with a stunning display of perfectly proportioned collarless wrapped evening jackets and pants in a deep, almost black, blue. The woven leather tassel-topped loafers added a touch of understated elegance to the looks.

Throughout the collection, Armani demonstrated his unwavering commitment to crafting timeless, sophisticated menswear that resonates with the modern man. The Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2025 collection is a testament to the designer’s enduring legacy and his ability to create clothing that transcends trends, offering a serene and stylish sanctuary for the fashion-forward gentleman.

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©Photo: Giorgio Armani