GmbH - Spring Summer 2021 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

GmbH – Spring/Summer 2021 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

July 19, 2020

GmbH named the season SPRING 2021 (as opposed to Spring/Summer), to indicate both a sense of abruption of time, but also a new beginning.

With SPRING 2021, GmbH is not showing a collection in the normal sense, but rather a 3 part project ‘’Rituals of Resistance’’ experimenting with how fashion can be a progressive force.

The first part, named ‘’Guest on Earth’’, showed an invisible being, played by dancer M.J. Harper, walking through a Berlin neighborhood, listening to the thoughts of a varied cast of residents, including DJ Honey Dijon, wearing some pieces of the new collection.

The second short video, dubbed ‘’Season Of Migration To The North’’ was a work by artist Lars Laumann that tells the story of gay activist Eddie Esmail, who was arrested while taking part in a fashion show in Sudan and subsequently sought asylum in Norway.

And then, came the lookbook of the collection that some pieces have already been shown in the first movie.


We discovered that the limitations forced a new sense of focus on what GmbH is, our ideals and what the GmbH wardrobe consists of. All the styles are based on familiar GmbH staples, mixing our cultural heritage and the city of Berlin with formality, uniforms, fetishes and stereotypes

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