Hed Mayner Spring-Summer 2025 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Hed Mayner Spring/Summer 2025 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Hed Mayner's Spring/Summer 2025 collection is big, bold, and full of surprises. Oversized silhouettes meet unexpected textures for a statement-making menswear line.
June 22, 2024

Hed Mayner has unveiled his Spring/Summer 2025 collection, pushing the boundaries of fashion with oversized silhouettes and innovative designs. The Israeli designer, known for his unisex approach, continues to challenge conventional norms with his latest offering.

Hed Mayner’s Spring/Summer 2025 lineup features garments that blur the lines between medieval armor and post-apocalyptic attire. The collection showcases voluminous suits, expansive cotton shirts, and roomy t-shirts adorned with abstract swirls in olive and pink hues. Wide cotton belts cinch these generous proportions, creating a unique silhouette that’s both dramatic and wearable.

The designer’s commitment to sustainability shines through in recycled leather vests and linen pieces, all cut with deep V-necks and oversized dimensions. Bomber-style jackets with softly rounded shoulders offer a fresh take on tailoring, while utility shorts with substantial patch pockets add a practical edge to the collection.

A standout element of Hed Mayner’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection is the footwear. Described by the designer as “a chunk of wood buckled to the foot,” these unconventional shoes blend rustic charm with avant-garde design, perfectly complementing the collection’s overall aesthetic.

Hed Mayner’s approach to fashion goes beyond mere clothing. He aims to create an intimate connection between the garment and its wearer, influencing body language and energy. This philosophy is evident in the way his oversized designs drape and move, offering a new perspective on power dressing.

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©Photo: Hed Mayner