Isabel Marant Spring-Summer 2025 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2025 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Isabel Marant's Spring/Summer 2025 menswear collection is a bohemian rhapsody, blending ikat prints, embroidery, and mixed textures. The laid-back yet polished aesthetic caters to the fashion-forward man, with vintage-inspired pieces given a modern, edgy twist.
June 20, 2024

Isabel Marant‘s Spring/Summer 2025 menswear collection is a masterful blend of bohemian charm and modern sophistication, catering to the fashion-forward man who embraces a laid-back yet polished aesthetic. The collection showcases an array of ikat prints, intricate embroidery, and a playful mix of textures that have become synonymous with the brand’s signature style.

Marant and her Creative director, Kim Bekker, have expertly crafted a collection that celebrates the wanderer’s spirit, incorporating folklorish motifs on marinière sweaters and checked shirts that give a subtle nod to grunge without being too literal. The embellished jeans are a standout piece, offering a daring option for the adventurous dresser, while the pleated trousers paired with a shearling-lined jacket provide a more understated alternative.

The collection’s outerwear and shirts have a unisex appeal, with bomber jackets featuring blown-up ikat prints and shirts adorned with shrunken stripes and embroidery. The mix of textures is a hallmark of Marant’s design philosophy, as seen in the pairing of faux leather pants with cozy knit sweaters and tailored trousers with faux shearling puffers. The addition of leopard print loafers adds a touch of louche elegance to the overall look.

Isabel Marant’s global influences are evident throughout the collection, with vintage-inspired pieces that have been given a modern, edgy twist. The silky viscose paisley shirt, unbuttoned for a sexy, skin-baring look, and the bandanas transformed into sleeveless faux shearling puffer vests are prime examples of this. The plaid shirt tied around the waist is a nod to grunge, while the slouchier silhouettes maintain a relaxed, effortless vibe.

Color plays a significant role in the Spring/Summer 2025 collection, with pops of red and pink adding a vibrant touch. The soft denim jeans and jacket, slashed and overembroidered, showcase Marant’s attention to detail and her love for layering textures.

As Isabel Marant celebrates 30 years in the fashion industry, her Spring/Summer 2025 menswear collection serves as a testament to her enduring vision and ability to create clothing that resonates with the modern man. With the reopening of her Beijing flagship, inspired by the work of Spanish architect César Manrique Cabrera, Isabel Marant continues to invite her customers into a world of bohemian elegance and timeless style.

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