Jil Sander - Spring Summer 2021 - Milano Fashion Week Men’s

Jil Sander – Spring/Summer 2021 – Milano Fashion Week Men’s


At Jil Sander, men’s fashion has become over the seasons the new territory of games for Lucie and Luke Meier who fully appreciate this experience.

This season, simplicity, outstanding craftsmanship, technical aspect of the construction and a game of opposites were the watchwords of the Jil Sander collection.

Fusing tailoring expertise with an urban sensibility, the lineup should speak to a sophisticated audience. As is often the case with the Meier, the collection bridged opposites: rigidity and suppleness, geometry and sensitivity, touch and sight while knitwear was deeply explored for a sophisticated artisanal feel.

The Meier celebrated also the beauty of the nature with evocative messaging like Words like Yellow Moon, Blue Windows Behind the Stars, and Homegrown to allude ‘’to an idea of nature’s bounty [that] we were kind of missing in lockdown’’.

©Jil Sander