John Legend is the new face of Montblanc Legend fragrances
John Legend. ©Photo: Montblanc

John Legend is the new face of Montblanc Legend fragrances

John Legend has joined forces with Montblanc as the face of its Legend fragrance line.
July 9, 2024

John Legend, the EGOT winner known for his soulful music and timeless style, has partnered with Montblanc to become the face of its iconic Legend fragrance line.

Philippe Benacin, CEO of Interparfums, Montblanc’s parent company, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “John Legend is the right artist to connect with Legend – it just makes sense.”

Launched in 2011, the Legend fragrance line has evolved into a collection of five different scents. The latest addition, Legend Blue, launched in February and retails for $115 USD. This cedarwood-infused fragrance embodies a fresh and sophisticated aroma, making it a standout choice for many.

John Legend’s debut campaign for Montblanc features him in an evocative setting, sitting at a piano. These images capture him in the creative process of composing a song inspired by Legend Blue. His connection to the fragrance goes beyond being a spokesperson; it reflects his personal journey of storytelling through music and now, through fragrance.

John Legend is the new face of Montblanc Legend fragrances
©Photo: Montblanc

Benacin also hinted at future collaborations, suggesting that Legend could become the face of Montblanc’s accessories and iconic Meisterstück pen.

Montblanc’s Chief Marketing Officer, Vincent Montalescot, emphasized that both Montblanc and John Legend share a deep-rooted connection to creativity and self-expression. Legend’s storytelling talents resonate with Montblanc’s commitment to nurturing artistic talent and celebrating timeless elegance.

Legend himself is thrilled to be part of the Montblanc family, as he appreciates the brand’s commitment to empowering people to create their own legacy through the art of writing. “As a writer and composer, I love that Montblanc enables people to write their stories beautifully with precision and care, and in doing so, craft their own legacy and legend,” he said in a statement.

Looking ahead, Montblanc Legend will launch its next fragrance in January 2026, with Legend continuing his role as the face of the line for the next two years.

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