Jonathan Simkhai Spring Summer 2022 - New York Fashion Week

Jonathan Simkhai Spring/Summer 2022 – New York Fashion Week


The idea of something hard and something soft; something artful and sexy, masculine and feminine” has inspired the Los Angeles designer Jonathan Simkhai for his Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

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For this season, Jonathan Simkhai explored the history of fashion as well as it’s attempts to visualize the future, from the 60’s space-age inspired collections, and the 1970’s reflection on the social movements, to the 1990’s spirit of anti-conformism and female empowerment, and the 2000 mash-ups of different styles and eras.

I started looking at, throughout history when there were times of change, of tragedy – the Cuban Missile Crisis, for example – all the creativity and futurism that came after these times. I looked at how it fueled design overall. Not just in fashion but architecture, jewelry, sculpture and found a lot of these curvy, circular lines. I think there’s something very symbolic of that full circle, the curve – the idea to keep moving. So you’ll see in the collection we did a lot of custom-designed sculptural jewelry pieces and circular drapes”, Simkhai said in this show notes.


©Jonathan Simkhai

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