JW Anderson Fall Winter 2022 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

JW Anderson Fall/Winter 2022 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s


Jonathan Anderson announced, a few days before the start of Milan Fashion Week, to cancel his JW Anderson’ physical show at Milan’s Teatro Principe due to COVID-19 concerns. He finally ended up filming the men’s Fall/Winter 2022 and women’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection at Scala, a club near London’s King’s Cross station, and posted it on the internet.

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Show canceled, but the party kept, especially in his collection which, “a bit silly, a bit fun”, exalted “parties that never were, parties that will be”, and celebrated “cherished moments of happiness clash and collide in a silly fantasy of unabashed fun”.

In true Anderson fashion, the designer’s latest offerings defy gender barriers, with a youthful flair that’s sure to wink at all the club kids stuck inside with nowhere to go.

Unexpected silhouettes and detailing dominate through spiraling, bouncy hemlines, rubber bands knitted into a top, sweaters embellished with little mirrors or tops made from colored rubber wristbands that make a noise when they’re snapped. The unconventional looks continued with flashy colors with dissonant contrasts, childish patterns such as swans, zebra stripes or small elephants encrusted directly in the knit. Serving as a cohesive tie for the collection are silly accessories like a pigeon clutch, circular batch, kindergarten shoes and draped pumps.


©JW Anderson

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