Lemaire Fall Winter 2022 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Lemaire Fall/Winter 2022 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s


Ease, movement and freedom. These words have been ringing in our heads more than ever for more than two long years marked by successive periods of lockdown and restrictions. These three words also occupied the minds of Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran who let themselves go with the idea of “traveling somewhere”.

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Dressing up is a bit like traveling, because you go somewhere or to someone, or you have a destination in mind, so we wanted to express the idea of movement”, said Christophe Lemaire.

Thus, their “modern-day hunter-gatherers”, meandering in front and across of one another in front of a monumental imaginary landscape by stage director Philippe Quesne, were dressed in thoughtfully layered pieces that neatly spliced ease, movement, and a sophisticated take on functionality.

All these pieces, focused on the discreet luxury so characteristic of Lemaire and on effortlessness, were beautifully enhanced by a telluric palette of black, khaki, beige, brown, burgundy and bottle green, as well as marble prints designed with artist Frédérique Pelletier.



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