Lizzo covers Vogue US October 2020 by Hype Williams

Lizzo covers Vogue US October 2020 by Hype Williams

Lizzo graces the October 2020 cover of Vogue US. Captured by photographer Hype Williams, she poses wearing a red Valentino dress for the occasion.

For the cover story, fashion editor Carlos Nazario dresses Lizzo in ensembles from brands like Moschino, LaQuan Smith and Gucci. Hair styling is work of Shelby Swain with make-up from beauty artist Alexx Mayo.

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Inside the magazine, Lizzo talks justice and the upcoming election with Claudia Rankine. ‘’I just want to encourage people to register to vote’’, the bop singer said. ‘’That is the most important thing to me. Because there’s a lot of upset people, and there’s a lot of people who have power. There’s a lot of voter suppression in Black communities. But there’s a lot of angry white kids now. And I’m like, ‘Yo, register to vote. Go out. You won’t get suppressed if you try to go to your ballot box’’’.

The self-love queen – who Vogue US recently announced will be speaking at its Forces of Fashion conference in November – also touched on the importance of maintaining a public image that is committed to positivity and celebrating her uniqueness.

‘’I think it’s important that I take full responsibility for the way the world perceives me because that is the way they’re gonna perceive someone who looks like me in the future’’, Lizzo explained. ‘’Maybe, hopefully, that would give some young girl someone to look up to and take away the opportunity for someone to weaponize her uniqueness against her. I had to travel the world and I had to meet people and read DMs and look into their eyes and really hear their stories to believe that I was making an impact in a positive way. And now that I believe in myself in that way, I’m gonna continue to just push that conversation by being a better me every single day’’.

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