Louis Vuitton - Fall Winter 2020 - Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton – Fall/Winter 2020 – Paris Fashion Week


For one of the most anticipated show of fashion month, the Nicolas Ghesquière’s collection for Louis Vuitton fused effortlessly eccentricity of the designer with the unmatched tailoring and timeless accessories of the French house.

His collection was based on the ‘’clashing of times’’. ‘’What if all of the innumerable eras that nourish fashion could come together in the here and now? This collection is like a sartorial tune-up in which personality takes precedence: everyone can pen their own history’’, wrote the notes. Ghesquière continues to blur the lines of old and new.

There was plenty of Baroque-inspired grandeur – think ruffles – as well as a mixture of materials that reminded of the various layers that used to be involved in daily dressing. All of this was juxtaposed with pieces that felt more modern, like shiny, sporty jackets and graphic tees.

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