Louis Vuitton - Spring-Summer 2021 - Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton – Spring/Summer 2021 – Paris Fashion Week

October 14, 2020

Nicolas Ghesquière debuted his latest for Louis Vuitton, closing out Paris Fashion Week at La Samaritaine, a historic building by the Seine set to reopen some time in 2021, which was covered by green-screen walls and ‘’virtual VIPs’’ – bug-eyed, remote-control cameras mounted on slender poles that were interspersed with live guests.

Ghesquière was inspired by the concept of time – past, present and what happens when they’re mixed together. The early 1900s, specifically, were a focus point for this collection titled ‘’If the Past Could Look at Us’’.

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The show opened with a ‘’vote’’ T-shirt, tucked into a pair of high-waisted trousers. Then came out trousers dusted with sparkling embroideries, expandable jackets built with panels that can be worn in a fitted way for a feminine silhouette or loosened for a more generous cut, sweeping big-shouldered coats or lapel-less suits in khaki or silver sequins, which were also worn with sneakers.

‘’Stepping into a territory that is still stylistically vague. A sensitive zone that erases gender and promises exponential creative possibilities. What does an in-between garment look like? What kind of cut can dissolve masculine and feminine? What wardrobe might she look good in? A fascinating new exploration for fashion, and the promise of a great journey that Louis Vuitton sets out to discover by abolishing these last boundaries. Finding expression in a landscape that is tenuous and vast, but also neutral: giving it colour, forging its character, inciting radicality, giving it personality’’, stated Louis Vuitton show notes.


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