Marc Jacobs - Fall Winter 2020 - New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs – Fall/Winter 2020 – New York Fashion Week


Marc Jacobs’ Fall/Winter 2020 collection was an in-depth treatise on sartorial refinement, highly considered and impeccably crafted.

Mostly absent of prints and, at least where the daywear was concerned, free of any extras or adornments, the collection was as spare as the dance was audacious. Jacobs threw it back to the 1960s-Jackie Kennedy, Rosemary Woodhouse, the mods and all that-but filtered those references through the minimalism and slink of his own label’s beginnings in the 1990s.

It’s that idea of something that endures and returning to quality – not that we ever left it – but a really, really hard-core focus on quality and restraint. Last time was so exuberant and flamboyant and so full of joy. This is full of joy of a different, grittier variety

Marc Jacobs

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