Margaret Howell - Spring Summer 2021 - London Fashion Week

Margaret Howell – Spring/Summer 2021 – London Fashion Week

September 25, 2020

In 35 looks, Margaret Howell celebrated a half-century in the business since back her first steps in the fashion industry in 1970 when her hand-made beads were taken up by Vogue and spotted in the window of Browns.

This season, her collection’s offerings don’t look terribly different from the last, or any other, focusing on the intrinsic concentration on making clothes, far from showy and temporary trends.

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With maritime flair and a slight tendency towards a bracing sense of military uniform, her collection mostly genderless included roomy separates which could spread a calming feeling in the predicament we find ourselves in today.

The collection’s palette stayed true to what Margaret Howell has accustomed us to for years: an earthy colors, with myriad shades of stone and sand, as well as chocolate, olive and navy blue.


©Margaret Howell