Marine Serre Spring Summer 2022 - Paris Fashion Week

Marine Serre Spring/Summer 2022 – Paris Fashion Week


Marine Serre’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, called “Fichu pour Fichu”, was unveiled through a video titled “Ostal24” which, in Occitan, a historical language spoken in Serre’s native region, means “house”, was an ode to slow living.

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The hypnotically paced 13-minute video which she made with past collaborators Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago transported us through interior and exterior worlds that could be situated somewhere in the past, present or future. We discovered a wardrobe where the designer gave a second chance to ordinary everyday pieces like a series of tea towels and scarves, diverted from their initial functions and transformed into real undeniable and totally desirable fashion pieces.

Marine Serre has put upcycling at the heart of her collection, this latest collection was, according to the show note, her most sustainable collection yet, with 45% recycled and 45% regenerated materials. Multicolored terry torchon – an unextraordinary fabric usually reserved for household chores – becomes extraordinary after being regenerated into boots, boxy jackets, skirts and tops. Other homely fabrics such as Dutch embroidered tablecloths and linen tea towels are imbued with luxury in their new life as lab coats while old jeans were cut back and assembled in patchwork.

Alongside these novelties were new variations on Serre’s signature styles: recycled silk t-shirts and iconic Marine Serre boots and second-skin clothing adorned with Serre’s crescent moon logo.

I want people to feel the beauty and the simplicity of being together and finding joy in cooking, eating, dancing, yoga. And at the same time recognise that everyday we make choices that have an impact, so how can we be more responsible in the decisions we make? Fashion is about more than draping fabric and making a profit, it can be a place where we are free to take meaningful action”, she said.


©Marine Serre

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