Marni - Spring Summer 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

Marni – Spring/Summer 2021 – Milan Fashion Week


At Marni, fashion isn’t only about clothes. Fashion is ‘’not about the ‘I’ (either); it’s about the ‘we’’’, said Marni’s Francesco Risso.

Far away from traditional inspiration (landscapes or other such prettified notion), Risso chose this season to celebrate the true fashion which took root in a collective of people involved in its realization – those who create it and those who wear it.

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During the lockdown, after he finished looks, he sent them to friends and family around the world: Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York City, London, Milan, Paris, Dakar, Shanghai, and Tokyo. ‘’Not models but human beings.…Not a venue, but the world’’, his show notes said.

In a digital showcase livestreamed from all of those locations (parts of the video were pre-shot due to the time difference), his diverse cast of non-models performed what Risso called his ‘’Marnifesto’’: ‘’At a time when we are ‘all in this together’ and have never been further apart: there’s nothing worth having without risk, nothing worth doing without trust; nothing small enough to be taken for granted. Let’s not get back to normal: let’s refashion the ‘model’, the ‘runway’, the ‘venue’ and the ‘show’. Not models, but human beings. Not a runway, but living. Not a venue, but the world. Not a show, but an experiment’’.


Each person picked a place for a stroll and was videoed there, allowing viewers a head-to-toe look at the clothes. There were unraveling knitwears, de- and reconstructed tank dresses, dissonant layerings, out-to-there skirt volumes but also twenty-five coats were crafted using archival Marni pieces and fabrics, and the result was exactly the kind of contemporary-cool we’ve come to expect from the house.