MSGM - Fall Winter 2020 - Milano Fashion Week Men’s

MSGM – Fall/Winter 2020 – Milano Fashion Week Men’s


Massimo Giorgetti was inspired by Italian horror film director Dario Argento for his MSGM’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection. ‘’I’ve been obsessed by his work since my teenage years’’, he said.

The designer not only used the posters of some of Argento’s most famous movies – such as ‘’The Cat o’ Nine Tails’’, ‘’Phenomena’’ and ‘’Suspiria’’ – to create a full co-branded line of products, but also let himself be inspired by Argento’s dark and mysterious aesthetic.

‘’Dario Argento has an amazing passion for colors’’, said the designer, who worked a bright palette of saturated tones of red, pink and green combined with nocturnal black. The result was a blending of MSGM’s signature playful, ironic vibe with a sense of darkness.