MSGM Fall Winter 2022 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

MSGM Fall/Winter 2022 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s


Forced to cancel his men’s in-person MSGM show due to health concerns, Massimo Giorgetti appointed director Luke Abby for his digital presentation’s artistic direction.

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In a frenetic ’90s vibe, the collection was shown under a psychedelic angle, filled with groovy colors and soft textures and where youth and overflowing energy were in abundance.

Dubbed ‘’Il Rumore del Tempo’’ (The Sound of Time), the MSGM Fall/Winter 2022 collection draws its inspiration from the works and colors of Gaetano Pesce, the renowned architect and furniture and industrial designer whose work is part of the production catalogs of the historic Italian companies Cassina, B&B, and Meritalia.

Significant elements of Pesce’s aesthetic were transposed into the collection. Thus, the textures of the Feltri armchair and modular Michetta couch padding rendered in trompe-l’œil were found on hoodies, on poplin or nylon shirts or on quilted shorts. Giorgetti also borrowed the vivid colors of Pesce vases to apply to his marbled prints, along with the psychedelic patterns of mushrooms, butterflies and hemp leaves, giving the collection a much needed energetic boost these days full of uncertainties.



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