MSGM Spring-Summer 2025 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

MSGM Spring/Summer 2025 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Massimo Giorgetti's MSGM Spring/Summer 2025 collection is a celebration of youth and the sea, featuring maritime motifs, bold colors, and artistic collaborations that perfectly capture the brand's enduring spirit of energy and optimism.
June 16, 2024

Massimo Giorgetti has once again proven his knack for capturing the essence of youthfulness and energy in his MSGM latest Spring/Summer 2025 menswear and women’s Resort 2025 (Cruise 2025) lines. Drawing inspiration from his relationship with the sea, the Rimini-born designer infused his latest offering with a sunny approach to life, reminiscent of his beloved homeland.

The co-ed effort was a delightful amalgamation of maritime references, from classic marinière stripes to playful motifs featuring sails, crabs, and dolphins. These elements appeared as prints and jacquard knits, adding a touch of whimsy to the collection.

Giorgetti’s signature use of vibrant colors was on full display, with primary hues, shades of blue, and acid tones creating a visually striking palette. Even when exploring darker tones and more mature silhouettes in tailoring, the designer maintained a relaxed attitude through proportions and eccentric embellishments, such as embroideries and wavy inserts in eye-catching colors.

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A collaboration with English artist Luke Edward Hall added an artistic flair to the collection, with his illustrations of sailors gracing bowling shirts for men and a charming knitted vest worn over a flounced skirt for women. This creative partnership perfectly complemented the theme and elevated the overall aesthetic.

The runway show itself was a captivating performance, with buckets of colored paint thrown against plexiglass walls facing the audience. This bold choice served as both a tribute to MSGM’s first presentation at Riccardo Grassi in 2009 and a wake-up call from Giorgetti, urging viewers to seek new perspectives and horizons.

Giorgetti’s personal retreat, “La Vedetta,” which translates to “lookout” in Italian, served as a poignant symbol for the current moment. The designer emphasized the importance of finding a place that offers a fresh outlook and the courage to look beyond the present challenges.

As MSGM celebrates its 15th anniversary, Giorgetti reflects on the brand’s journey, acknowledging that while the MSGM kids have grown up, they remain young at heart, with plenty of room for growth and exploration. This collection is a celebration of that spirit, inviting wearers to embrace their youthful energy and face the future with optimism and style.

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©Photo: MSGM