N°21 Spring Summer 2022 - Milan Fashion Week

N°21 Spring/Summer 2022 – Milan Fashion Week


For Spring/Summer 2022, Alessandro Dell’Acqua reiterated the concept of body positivity, celebrating the body of an expressive yet natural sensuality in all its diverse glory.

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Playing the feminine/masculine sensuality card with a touch of nonchalant playfulness, Dell’Acqua mixed glitz and casualness in a coed collection that channeled a much more youthful and carefree vibe compared to its previous efforts.

I’ve never believed that to yield to a temptation equaled to do something that shouldn’t be done. On the contrary, I’ve always considered it as experimenting with new stuff because for me this is a way to open up to unexpected possibilities”, Dell’Acqua said about freely mixing references and techniques.

Thus, he indulged in soft, tactile, thick knitted textures, counterbalanced by vital and young proportions, spiced up by what he called “typical couture flourishes” – meticulous finishing techniques, the use of luxe feathers and marabou trimmings, delicate tulle overlays and hefty doses of crystal beading. He paired knits with structured bejeweled bodysuits in pale green. The collection transitions to bedazzled skirts in brown and green tones, expanding the possibilities of textural pairings. More bejeweled jackets and fur coats in deep maroon and emerald green, along with a slinky belt made of crystals, celebrate the power of a little glitz and glam.



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