N°21 Spring Summer 2023 - Milan Fashion Week

N°21 Spring/Summer 2023 – Milan Fashion Week


Alessandro Dell’Acqua dubbed his N°21 Spring/Summer 2023 collection “The Lovers”.

A lover’s mood swings are always extreme”, he told Vogue. “Male, female, whatever; it makes no difference. You go from joy to despair, from desire to rejection, from ecstasy to unbearable pain. Hate, rage, eroticism. Tragedy. Elation. Heartbreak. Moods are fleeting and can change in an instant, depending on a phone call or a text message”, he continued. “I’ve always loved the word lover, and I’ve been wanting for a long time to turn a collection into a cinematic rendition around this often ambivalent, ambiguous term that can have such tortuous meanings”.

Thus, he evoked the many mood swings of lovers in his collection, through a rich color palette, from red to black, through his signature nude shade and touches of mint, pink and baby blue. He also played with transparencies, fluid materials, crinkled effects, splashes of feathers, while proportions shrink and winks to underwear abound, making this an ultra glamorous collection that amplified the power of women.


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