“Nocturnal Angles”, the first ever Palm Angels’s Fine Jewelry collection

Palm Angels - Collection High Jewelry Nocturnal Angels

“Nocturnal Angels” is Palm Angels‘ first-ever Haute Joaillerie collection, opening a new chapter for the Milan-based brand by Francesco Ragazzi.

Inspired by nature when during the night it awakens with indefinite nocturnal noises, the collection includes four pieces of Haute Joaillerie presenting the brand’s eclectic vision of self-sustaining contrasts: day and night, light and dark, and a culture steeped in elements that live in reality but also in dreams.

The collection is created in close collaboration with designer and master jeweler Duffy, in his London workshop. Each injects his specificity into the collection with harmony and symbiosis: Francesco for his universe made of symbols and colors, Duffy for his virtuosity in the mastery of precious metals.

Creating a collection of High Jewelry, is a dream come true. I have always been fascinated by the art of jewelry especially the oldest one, where expert hands translated in singular precious objects their knowledge of ancient symbols. Every piece told a story that in the tradition of the sixteenth through eighteenth-century was related to the ‘memento mori’ as a reminder to the transience of life. Together with Duffy, we wanted to especially interpret this feature, and I believe that the result is extraordinary,” says Francesco Ragazzi.

Each piece in the collection is handmade and has a name that refers to rhetorical figures, antithetical poles to tell a story about myths and beliefs. Thus, the “Oxymoron” bracelet is made of 18ct yellow gold and crossbones articulated by several gemstones with a subtle clasp; the “Pleasuredome” necklace, in 18ct yellow and white gold, is adorned with bones and real insects; the “Antithetis” bracelet uses 18ct yellow gold and sterling silver and a variety of gemstones to compose the masterful snake full of color and contrast; and finally, the “Allegoria” pendant, with its snake, skull and leaves executed in 18ct yellow and white gold, strikes our mind for its uniqueness.

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Pendant “Allegoria” made of 50 grams of 18ct gold, pink sapphires 4.7ct, diamonds 0.03ct
Bracelet “Oxymoron” made of 75 grams of 18ct yellow gold, 2 pink sapphires of 2.6ct in total, 2 yellow sapphires of 3.27 in total, 1 tsavorite 1.13ct, 2 garnets of 1.14ct in total, 1 amethyst 1.14ct
Necklace “Pleasuredome” made of 96 grams of 18ct gold, sapphires 1.65ct, champagne diamonds 0.40ct, black diamonds 0.15ct
Bracelet “Antithetis” made of 66 grams of sterling silver, 30 grams of 18ct gold, 9×2.5mm amethyst, 9x 2.5mm tsavorite, 0.70ct of sapphires, 0.78ct of yellow sapphires, 1.17ct of pink sapphires, 0.62ct of red sapphires
The Palm AngelsNocturnal Angels” collection is presented exclusively at the brand’s pop-up boutique in Los Angeles, 8818 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, California.
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