Paco Rabanne - Spring-Summer 2021 - Paris Fashion Week

Paco Rabanne – Spring/Summer 2021 – Paris Fashion Week

October 12, 2020

‘’I was drawn toward what I missed – the streets. Being in the streets, the streets of my neighborhood. I’ve always lived just near here, between the Third and the 11th arrondissements. It’s a really diverse area, with people coming from everywhere, and expressing their individuality. I wanted to work some local realness. It’s what I’ve been really happy to get back to after confinement’’, Paco Rabanne’s creative director Julien Dossena explained.

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Surely, the glimpse of the street was an intentional part of Julien Dossena’s love letter to the girls of his neighborhood. Not the girls from 16th arrondissement, but the ones from the diverse and lively districts of Belleville, Republique and the Bastille. Brushing aside the bourgeois aesthetic that has swept French fashion lately, he probed the limits of bad taste.

There’s the new emphasis on long-line jackets, relaxed, metal mesh robes and midiskirts, a mix-up of sequins and stripes, lace and lingerie tops. In 26 looks mixing his own aesthetic with traditional Paco Rabanne lines, Dossena brought back to the surface the lingerie lace. Night gown-like dresses dominate the runway, with silk and animal prints in tow.

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