Palm Angels becomes Argentina's Official Life & Style Curator for Copa America 2024

Palm Angels becomes Argentina’s Official Life & Style Curator for Copa America 2024

Palm Angels is named Argentina's Official Life & Style Curator for Copa America 2024, curating formal and casual wear that embodies collaboration, teamwork and individual style as the tournament kicks off in the United States.
June 20, 2024

As Copa America 2024 kicks off, Palm Angels is embarking on an exciting journey as the Official Life & Style Curator of the Argentina National Football Team, the reigning world champions and defending Copa America champions.

Palm Angels will curate the team’s formal uniforms and casual wear during the tournament, allowing the players to express their shared values during official events and relaxed moments. Characterized by a relaxed style and meticulous attention to quality and detail, the wardrobe celebrates the players as part of a community and a team, while allowing them to showcase their individual style.

By associating its logo and monogram with Argentina’s crest, featuring the three World Cup stars and laurel leaves, Palm Angels emphasizes the importance of collaboration, teamwork and strengthening individual identity within the team dynamic. These values resonate with soccer fans around the world and are central to both the sport and the brand.

The formal look features a dark blue blazer with an embroidered monogram on the breast pocket and the gold AFA crest, paired with a light blue shirt and cargo pants with large pockets. The casual look features the iconic Palm Angels tracksuit in a light and cool linen fabric, with an overshirt featuring the Palm Angels logo and embroidered AFA crest instead of a jacket.

The United States, home of the “Angels” and the urban youth subcultures that inspire the style and ethos of Palm Angels, will host this year’s Copa America 2024. The tournament will span several cities, from Kansas City to Santa Clara in California, and from Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida, giving the brand another reason to be present alongside Argentina.

The competition kicks off on June 20th in Atlanta, Georgia, where Argentina will face Canada in the opening game.

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