Patou Fall Winter 2022 - Paris Fashion Week

Patou Fall/Winter 2022 – Paris Fashion Week


Guillaume Henry took his ideas for Patou in a different direction from the archetypal Parisian socialite woman.

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Previous seasons were more of a designer fantasy, connected to the moment and my mood at the time. Here, I’m trying to do something very close to who I am, not just as a designer but as a person, too”, he said.

Practical and comfortable, flexible, yet elegant, his silhouettes this season oscillated between indoor and outdoor, city and nature.

All in a dark earthy palette of beige, olive green and black, counterbalanced by blues, lilacs and flower pinks.

It was less about frou-frou, frills or big effects with sleeves”, Henry continued. “It’s more about, How do I want to be comfortable?’ I wanted to embrace the idea of speed, of something easy to live in. Because Jean Patou was all about sportswear and movement”.



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