Patou Fall/Winter 2023

Patou Fall/Winter 2023


Patou’s recent fashion show for its Fall/Winter 2023 ready-to-wear collection marked a new chapter for the brand and its creative director Guillaume Henry. Moving the show away from the brand’s headquarters on Ile de la Cité to the top floor of the Samaritaine department store turned out to be a wise decision. The change of venue and focus on a new elongated and dynamic silhouette set the tone for the collection, which was described as pretty yet punchy.

The show opened with a quintet of Venetian red total looks, featuring a range of pieces that make up a complete wardrobe for the busy Patou woman. The addition of big sleeves, flamenco ruffles, and over-sized collars gave the collection a touch of playful energy, while off-the-shoulder knit dresses, denim après-ski coats, and pleated minis all contributed to the upbeat sensibility. The show also included three new collaborations with French brands that received high praise.

Despite being owned by LVMH, Patou is still considered a fledgling house, with reported losses of around €8 million in the most recent fiscal year. However, with its successful expansion into Asia and the growing popularity of the brand, it appears that Patou is heading in the right direction. The house opened its first three stores in Japan last year and has pop-ups in the pipeline in Korea, as well as a rapidly growing fan base both domestically and internationally.

Guillaume Henry, who grew up in a small town 100 miles east of Paris, is passionate about the brand and its potential. He said: “Meeting fabulous clients who love shopping for Patou. Loving Patou because it’s practical. So, showing in a great store to diverse fans and shoppers, whether bourgeois, snob or people just in love with our form. I say, welcome to Patou!”.


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