Prada - Fall Winter 2020 - Milano Fashion Week Men’s

Prada – Fall/Winter 2020 – Milano Fashion Week Men’s


Miuccia Prada unveiled her new high-energy collection that played with proportions and fused past and future, old and new, sporty and formal – all in the name of dressing the modern man.

‘’Let me say what’s the point of this show’’, she obligingly added: ‘’That in the big-not ‘confusion’ – but the complication of the current time between the world going wrong or going better, the discussion on sexes, on surviving or not… I thought to give an indication that the only thing that makes me calm and optimistic is to give value to work… to give value to things that matter in your life and your work. And so the creativity is mixed with technicalities, which is a little bit similar to the Secessionist period when ideas, creativity, and actual work had to be all together’’.