Prada Spring Summer 2023 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Prada Spring/Summer 2023 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s


Less than two years ago, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons joined forces as Prada‘s co-creative directors. Many wondered at the time what the future of Prada fashion would be like with this unexpected combination of Miuccia Prada’s sophisticated aesthetic and Raf Simons’ youthful aura.

Six collections have passed and they are definitely a success. And, so will their Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Their collection speaks of perfectly mastered elegance, of “simplicity as a concept, as a choice”, according to Miuccia Prada’s explanation.

We are attracted to the idea of ‘normal’ clothing – to classic pieces, archetypes, the garderobe. But the same garment in different materializations changes their language entirely; they function in different ways. Then mixing that with other pieces transforms it again. Every garment is simple, direct, pure, but there is a complexity to their combinations and context. The garments are classic, but their mix contradicts, making them exciting and new. There is leather against the body, then cotton on top – there’s a kind of anti-logic to the combination of the clothes, an oddness. A combination of rawness and sophistication in these clothes is also important. The contrast of classicism and a spontaneity lends it a sensitivity, an emotion”, explains Raf Simons.

For example, black double-breasted suits are paired with exaggerated cowboy boots; four-button knee-length coats come in leather, gingham and off-white; black leather t-shirt and very short shorts are paired with colorful gingham check coats. And let’s talk about this iconic print that seems to come back in force next summer, at least at Prada since many looks have been sublimated with these pastel colored checks, from pink to red through blue. An ode to childhood memories!


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